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Your leading Audi mechanic Mississauga team. At Bloor West Auto in Mississauga we’ll treat your Audi with the care and attention it deserves. When your Audi needs repairs, be it small or complex, or regular maintenance work, you can trust the skilled mechanics at Bloor West Auto to get the job done in due time and at the highest standards. Work with the leaders in Audi repair in Mississauga.

We’ve been servicing Audis for more than 17 years, so we know exactly what your car requires. Our qualified technicians are experts at repairing and performing all the maintenance tasks your Audi needs to keep it running smoothly for years to come and keep you safe on the road.

Audi Repair & Maintenance Services

From basic maintenance to complex repairs, the experts at Bloor West Auto are ready to cover all your Audi’s needs, providing a great alternative to expensive dealership services. Whether your Audi requires oil change, transmission repair, electrical system services, engine tune up and repairs or tire changes, we can provide all that and more.

5 Star Audi Repair in Mississauga

We’re Bloor West Auto is proud to be one of the top-rated Audi repair Mississauga shops and there are plenty of reasons for it. We’ve worked long and hard to be worthy of our client’s trust and appreciation and build a business based on professionalism, transparency and passion for the work we do.

Customer satisfaction is the driving force behind all our efforts and that’s what kept us going for so long. The 5-star reviews we receive from our customers serve both as a recommendation and as an encouragement to keep doing what we do best which is providing top notch auto repair and maintenance services.

Why Choose Us?

Whether your Audi needs maintenance or repairs you want to make sure it’s in good hands. You need a specialized mechanic that knows all the ins and outs of your car and is able to properly handle every issue you might deal with and that’s precisely what you’ll find at Bloor West Auto.

We have the experience, equipment and know-how to provide the highest-quality services and we never fail to deliver exactly what our customers need.

Certified Audi Specialists

When you own an Audi, it’s important to find a mechanic that is familiar with the make and model of your vehicle and can take care of your car’s specific needs. You wouldn’t let just anyone work on your car, so you have to search for a certified Audi specialist to provide the best possible services. 

The technicians at Bloor West Auto are fully trained and qualified to perform a wide range of maintenance and repair services on your Audi. We’ve got the right level of experience, the expertise and the resources required to handle your Audi’s needs and ensure smooth and safe drives.   

Audi Models Bloor West Auto Service

At Bloor West Auto we service all Audi models, whether they’re fresh off the production line or older Audi vehicles. Our team of certified mechanics are well-versed in servicing and repairing Audis, meaning there’s no job too difficult or complex for us to handle.  

So, no matter which model of Audi you drive, you can bring it to our auto shop in Mississauga and we’ll be ready to perform all the checks and servicing it requires.

Searching for & “Audi Mechanic Near Me”?

It takes a bit of research and patience to find a reliable Audi mechanic in your area, but if you’re from Mississauga you don’t have to continue your search. Bloor West Auto is the trusted auto shop you’ve been looking for. We can provide fast and professional repair and maintenance services for your Audi, whenever you need it.

You don’t have to travel far and wide to find a good mechanic anymore since our local auto shop can cover all your automotive needs. It’s quick, easy and convenient to pay Bloor West Auto a visit and let our mechanics do all the necessary work. Our friendly staff prioritize customer satisfaction at all times, so you can rest assured that whatever your Audi requires, you’ll get. We want to be your go-to, so you don’t have to rely on ‘Audi repair near me’ any longer. 

Audi Frequently Asked Questions

As an Audi owner you surely have a question or two regarding your vehicle maintenance and repairs and we’re more than happy to answer them. Our specialized Audi mechanics offer the highest standard of care. 

You should perform the first minor maintenance service at 10,000 miles or at one year after delivery, depending on which happens first. Then maintenance work should be done at 20,000 miles or once every 2 years after the last minor maintenance service to keep your Audi in top shape. 

If you’re a city driver and you only drive short distances, you’ll probably have to change the oil on your Audi a bit more often – meaning every 3,000-5,000 miles. However, if most of the driving is done on the highway, you’ll only need to change the oil every 6,000 to 15,000 miles.

Your Audi’s check engine light can come on for a number of reasons, but the most common cause is a loose or a missing gas cap. Tighten the cap and the light should go off in a day or two. If that’s not the problem, it’s best to have your Audi checked by a mechanic.

The lifespan of your battery varies and it can last from three to five years. Proper care and maintenance play a major role in expanding your battery’s life, but it’s usually recommended to have it replaced every three years to make sure you don’t experience any issues with it. 

The squeaking noise from your brakes might be caused by the metal particles in the brake pads rubbing against the metal brake rotors, which is normal. Still, you should have your brake system thoroughly inspected by a qualified mechanic every time you suspect something might be wrong to ensure peace of mind.

The most common reasons why your Audi won’t start are a dead battery or an alternator problem. However, there’s a whole variety of other reasons why your car doesn’t start and the only way to find out what’s wrong with it is to take it to the auto shop for an inspection.

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